Friday, May 16, 2014

The most wonderful experience: Thailand (Part I)

Hello everyone, the next posts will be about, like the post title says , the most wonderful experience that I've ever had: Thailand.
I've been traveling and worked for 2 months in Thailand and most in Phuket and the area near Phuket. The reason why I was there is because I was volunteering for the best Animal Welfare Foundation from Thailand and why not one of the best foundation of the world, Soi Dog.

I meet awesome people with the same love for the animals; delicious food, the best street market ever, the cleanest and warm water that I've ever seen,

The best street market with almost everything starting from the fruits and ending to super delicious street food

The best and charismatic people that I've meet: vets also and general volunteer from all over the world.

I got the opportunity to help on spaying program of street animals and learn new vet skills. (I love my job :) )

What can be more relaxing than having a beach picnic with friends. (always good fruits)

I felt in love with Thai cuisine especially with green curry soup and coconut juice.

If you need a breakout from everything the right place is a Buddhist temple, you will find peace from the moment you enter.

Gorgeous temples everywhere, Buddhism is a very respectable religion.

Stay tuned because this is only the beginning of the beautiful journey: Thailand

Thursday, March 6, 2014


Back to the show with new post with my lasts updates like:
1. Changed the color of my hair, now I am ginger-ish which I wanted so so bad :)

2. Did some photo session with my new camera (Canon 600D) and my pretty bicycle basket which i won it from Skirtbike giveaway (thank you ladies)

3. The same photo session with my fat cute beagle :)

4. Testing my camera...the quality of the pictures is much better and of course on what to test more??? that's dogs :) perfect models (here is Hera)

Here is Lili :)

                                            5. Packing for the best traveling ever....Hello Thailand
More to come so stay tuned, since then, kiss and hug to all of you

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Finally posting..

Finally we "meet" again :), I have to say that I am very ashamed of me for not posting on my blog for such a long time; I don't want to find excuses but many things happened to me lately like moving from Cluj to another city, Baia Mare, change the job and now I am another place which you'll discover in to the next post.
First picture is a drawing that I made for a colleague of mine and represent her dog, a beautiful brown spotted dalmatian. The work is in watercolors.

This is a painting for beautiful Loredana and it was a birthday surprise which Andreea organise it, the surprise story you can read it on Loredana's blog (
Did my first wall painting...the image I found it on Internet and really liked it so I've decided to do it myself also. Lili liked it also as you can see from the picture :)

Got some time and money to create my special working spot with Ikea furniture, the project is still on :)

And visit my parents...on the way we had some stops and enjoy the beautiful view, this picture is from Vatra Dornei a nice place to visit in Romania where in winter you can ski and in summer enjoy the mountain air. Next post (soon I hope) will be with the magic place where I am now for 2 months so stay tuned ;)
Until then I give you kisses and hugs

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Retrospection Part II

Wow, finally i got the time/mood to write/post something on my blog:), I feel so guilty for not writing for such a long time but lately I don't have time for nothing only for my job which is a hard one. All this pictures will show what I've done lately and what I create.
First I've painted this special mug for a special friend of mine which of course loves cats and the cartoons "Simon's Cat"

Went to a great color festival in Cluj where you can pick a color and at start all the colors will fly in the air, after that you will be all color powder.Pretty coll,right?

Made a logo for dear Natalia blog Schokoladig (

Was (and still are:) a godmother for a pretty little princess which you will meet in the future. For this special event I've ordered a pretty flower crown from beautiful Florornite

Had my birthday on 2th of October and for this event I made some delicious Oreo paw cupcakes.Yummyyy :)
Celebrate Hera's birthday also and for that I made a special dog cake.Of course that she shared with Lili (even if she wanted only for her)

Went to my first Balloon event, it was Maramures International Balloon Fiesta. All the balloons were so big and colorful but unfortunately I couldn't fly with one of it...maybe next time,who knows

And in the end made some time to make this drawing which represent....well, take a wild guess :D

More to come, hopefully, soon, very soon

Kisses, Murmu

Tuesday, June 25, 2013


I missed writing on my blog so much and but unfortunately only now I found time (and mood) to post something new on what I've done in such  long time. I can say I've past a great time with many events like:
One is the swap from the Easter Holiday organized by Revista Atelierul and this is what I've sent to my swap  partner Ioana, a paining on canvas with a cute rabbit like she has :)

Second I've attended for the Skirt Bike poster, and I got the second place (yay), for this year with this drawing ( a chic girl with her dogs riding her bike on a spring day) and I want to thank Cecilia and Raluca for their help on the poster design. Thank you so much girls

Then of course I attended the big event Skirt Bike in Cluj with my super new bike :)

It was the first time when I attended this event and I can say it felt so good, we pretty ladies in dresses, skirts and cute bikes riding in the center of Cluj, what can I say, it was great

And the last one: the trip in Barcelona, oh boy, the city is so artistic and full of colors, the buildings the sea, Gaudi, Dali, everything was perfect and I hope you can see by the pictures

Les talk (write) more pictures, right? :)

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Riding my new lovely bicycle

I have to start by saying that I am one happy lady which has the most beautiful bike on earth, it's true, I am telling you :). I was dreaming for a long time to buy myself a new lady bike (the older which I have is broken) so I start collecting money for it. 

I discovered on the Internet with the help of Andreea a great bicycle link with so many beautiful bicycles and since then I start dreaming on one of them. The link is:

The people from were so nice and wonderful, they made me a great surprise by sending me the bike without knowing when, so I just receive a call in the morning "Good morning, you just got a big package from Bucharest".

Today I finally got the occasion to have a nice trip on a great weather with my new baby and I have to tell you it's amazing, I love her, it's so easy to ride her and the color is perfect.

I can wait to ride it again but next time it will be with my dogs also so more fun :)

In the beginning of June exactly on 2th of June I will participate on big event for girls which enjoy riding the bikes like I do,  it's called SkirtBike and maybe you heard about it. More you can find it here :
Since then, enjoy the ride, like I did.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Happy DIY- Paw Heart

Hey there beautiful you
Today is a special post, I think is one of my favorite, a cute DIY and a lot of fun with my babies Hera and Lili. First I will show you how to transform an old sweater to a cute cool happy awesome one. First you need the sweater, of course, then scissors, a piece of fabric, and here I have a nice paw fabric (me=dog freak) which you will cut in the shape of a heart, needle and thread and a lot of support, like I had from Lili, as you can see she was "all eyes on me" :))

The things that you need.....

And the result is that: happy happy joy joy:). I was thinking to make only one photo with the result but I couldn't resist when I saw that we are in  a mood of playing so we made a small photo session. No animal ore human being was harmed on this session :)

"Hei you are hurting my arm....I was faking just" :)
And some loooveee....

Who are the cutest babies on the world? Yes you are...

I don;t know which one is more crazy :)

The classic :)

"Come here and give me a kiss"