Saturday, October 19, 2013

Retrospection Part II

Wow, finally i got the time/mood to write/post something on my blog:), I feel so guilty for not writing for such a long time but lately I don't have time for nothing only for my job which is a hard one. All this pictures will show what I've done lately and what I create.
First I've painted this special mug for a special friend of mine which of course loves cats and the cartoons "Simon's Cat"

Went to a great color festival in Cluj where you can pick a color and at start all the colors will fly in the air, after that you will be all color powder.Pretty coll,right?

Made a logo for dear Natalia blog Schokoladig (

Was (and still are:) a godmother for a pretty little princess which you will meet in the future. For this special event I've ordered a pretty flower crown from beautiful Florornite

Had my birthday on 2th of October and for this event I made some delicious Oreo paw cupcakes.Yummyyy :)
Celebrate Hera's birthday also and for that I made a special dog cake.Of course that she shared with Lili (even if she wanted only for her)

Went to my first Balloon event, it was Maramures International Balloon Fiesta. All the balloons were so big and colorful but unfortunately I couldn't fly with one of it...maybe next time,who knows

And in the end made some time to make this drawing which represent....well, take a wild guess :D

More to come, hopefully, soon, very soon

Kisses, Murmu

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