About Murmu

Dear diary....Oh wait, I forgot, I am on blog now:)...sooo yes I will make a short presentation on exactly who I am:

I am Raluca, friends call me Murmu (don't ask, long story, no action) , I can say that I am weird kid at 26 year know (oh dear, time fly when you are having fun) who loves her job to help animals and treat them with all my best (that's why I've chose to be a Vet) and in free time to create pretty things!
I like to paint, it relax me so much and makes me fly in to another world
I like to create handmade stuff and I am trying to improve my work every time
I like to discover people who are talented
I loveeee my sweet dear dog Hera which is the world for me
I like to hangout with my friends and make with them all the crazy stuff (like cartoon parties,  surprise party, traveling with them, going out for some beers
I like going out in new city and discover all the little details that makes them so nice, watching people
I like when I meet a dog to smile at him
I like a good Coffey for example the coffee from Flowers cafeteria from Cluj, hey have a super good coffee with marzipan or with mint
I like sweets, I can live only with those I think:))
I like second-hands
I like the movie Amelie which I've seen it for 7 times I guess
I like the fact that when an idea pops out from my mined I always make it happen
I like to ride my bicycle DeeDee
I like to read good old fashion books and the fact that when I catch a really nice book I can't get enough of it
I like to travel all the times even if I don't have enough money
I like to eat all the junk food like sticks, popcorn, snacks
I like to help people that I care
I like dots print and animal figurines
I like turquoise, kiwi green, pastel colors
I like antique stores
I like boxes (inox, wood, etc)
I like the smell of cinnamon and apple
I like to decorate my room every time when I have the occasion
I like to dream about my future house ( full of dogs, of course:))
I like beds with baldakin
I like to think that I can cook
I like no ending museums
I like spring
I like ceramic and everything that involves tea

Oh man...the list will never end.....That's it for now:)