Saturday, February 15, 2014

Finally posting..

Finally we "meet" again :), I have to say that I am very ashamed of me for not posting on my blog for such a long time; I don't want to find excuses but many things happened to me lately like moving from Cluj to another city, Baia Mare, change the job and now I am another place which you'll discover in to the next post.
First picture is a drawing that I made for a colleague of mine and represent her dog, a beautiful brown spotted dalmatian. The work is in watercolors.

This is a painting for beautiful Loredana and it was a birthday surprise which Andreea organise it, the surprise story you can read it on Loredana's blog (
Did my first wall painting...the image I found it on Internet and really liked it so I've decided to do it myself also. Lili liked it also as you can see from the picture :)

Got some time and money to create my special working spot with Ikea furniture, the project is still on :)

And visit my parents...on the way we had some stops and enjoy the beautiful view, this picture is from Vatra Dornei a nice place to visit in Romania where in winter you can ski and in summer enjoy the mountain air. Next post (soon I hope) will be with the magic place where I am now for 2 months so stay tuned ;)
Until then I give you kisses and hugs

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Flori said...

Hahaaaaaaa! Catzeeeeei. Nice portrait. Bravo! Dragut :) Flori