Sunday, May 12, 2013

Riding my new lovely bicycle

I have to start by saying that I am one happy lady which has the most beautiful bike on earth, it's true, I am telling you :). I was dreaming for a long time to buy myself a new lady bike (the older which I have is broken) so I start collecting money for it. 

I discovered on the Internet with the help of Andreea a great bicycle link with so many beautiful bicycles and since then I start dreaming on one of them. The link is:

The people from were so nice and wonderful, they made me a great surprise by sending me the bike without knowing when, so I just receive a call in the morning "Good morning, you just got a big package from Bucharest".

Today I finally got the occasion to have a nice trip on a great weather with my new baby and I have to tell you it's amazing, I love her, it's so easy to ride her and the color is perfect.

I can wait to ride it again but next time it will be with my dogs also so more fun :)

In the beginning of June exactly on 2th of June I will participate on big event for girls which enjoy riding the bikes like I do,  it's called SkirtBike and maybe you heard about it. More you can find it here :
Since then, enjoy the ride, like I did.


Andreea said...

You are mooooooore beautiful on your bicycle! really! Sexy, pretty lady! I'm so happy that from now on you will enjoy your life on two wheels! Hugs!

Erika said...

Wooooooooow,awesome bike you have there :) I have an old red one; we will have to set a bike date sometime in the summer when I'm home :) Hugs to you and enjoy pedaling ;)

Murmu said...

Thank you ladies, Erika I can wait to have a ride on Cluj street just let me know when you are back so we can plan something ;)

daria said...

it's really lovely! take good care of it and see you at skirt bike!

Murmu said...

Thank you Daria! See you in 2th of June! :)

Bo3mia said...

Hey, lovely lady with a lovely bike! Congrats and have lot of fun with it!

Murmu said...

Thank you dear Anca! :*