Thursday, March 6, 2014


Back to the show with new post with my lasts updates like:
1. Changed the color of my hair, now I am ginger-ish which I wanted so so bad :)

2. Did some photo session with my new camera (Canon 600D) and my pretty bicycle basket which i won it from Skirtbike giveaway (thank you ladies)

3. The same photo session with my fat cute beagle :)

4. Testing my camera...the quality of the pictures is much better and of course on what to test more??? that's dogs :) perfect models (here is Hera)

Here is Lili :)

                                            5. Packing for the best traveling ever....Hello Thailand
More to come so stay tuned, since then, kiss and hug to all of you


Melissa said...

I feel honoured I've had the chance to hold in my hands that important visa:-D
Have fun and enjoy your trip!

Murmu said...

oh dear, don't make me blush :) thank you so much for your help :*

Melissa said...

Always a pleasure,for you:-*

Andreea said...

Have fun my dear! Thailand is heaven! Enjoy every moment!

Murmu said...

every moment dear, every moment :*

Dixx said...

have fun on your trip! I'm so jealous. bet it's gonna be wonderful.

imeowlife. ,Dixx

Murmu said...

Hello Dixx, thank you for visiting my blog, you have also pretty blog; the trip is already awsome, I will update more this days :*