Wednesday, February 6, 2013

DIY: painted mug/cup

You are out of ideas of what gift you should make to a close person? I am going to give you one simple tip: painted mug/cup. It's easy fun and you can customize depending of the person's hobbies, wishes. You are going to need a porcelain marker and a cup or a mug, you can make it on a plates or other porcelain things.

Practice you skills of painter and start drawing something nice. I chose of course a cute drawing with a dog.

And this is is, simple and fun, right? So try it for you own , it's worth it :)


Vixyblu said...

I love it! The dog, the girl, the cup... all of them. :)

Murmu said...

You are nice Vixy, thanks :*

raluca marie wolfski said...

awww, that's sooo cute!
best friends :)

Murmu said...

best friends forever :)