Monday, February 4, 2013

DIY: Funny cardigan with cat pockets

Good day to all of you, today I am going to show you a simple and cute DIY project of how you can transform a boring old cardigan in to a funny one. It's quite easy and practical.
You are going to need: a cardigan (of course), a piece of fabric (I chose something with dot print, one of my favorite), a paper pattern (I chose a cat face but you can choose whatever you wish to have printed on your cardigan), scissors, thread and needle and buttons (for the eyes).

First we scrap the kitty faces from the fabric with the help of the pattern and then we start to sew the cat pockets (don't forget to sew the eyes also and the mouth).

It is very important to be assisted  by a furry face :) I am lucky to have a foxy dog near me, she was "all eyes on me" as you can see :)

And this is it, you have now a brand new cute cardigan with 2 kitty pocket faces.

You can hide some tips inside the pockets for some shopping days :)


Andreea said...

ooooooh so so cute! I have definitely to do something with cats :)

Bo3mia said...

Oh my, it looks so cute! I love it! :)

Bo3mia said...

Oh my, it looks so cute!
I really like.. :)

Murmu said...

Thank you ladies :D

Kate said...

I would make the pickets double-sided so they would have a finished edge and be sturdier.