Thursday, March 14, 2013

Beautiful people "Part one"

Hello everyone! For today I've decide to make a special post which will continue with the next posts. In time with the help of my blog I've "meet" some beautiful people which I had the occasion to know them and to discover that we have the same taste in handmade, music, fashion, hobbies so today I will present o you 2 of them: One is Andreea from, she is beautiful girl in love with bicycles dot prints, colors, painting, art so, we share kind of the same hobbies. You can discover here on:

Then is Melissa, another beautiful girl in love with fashion and clothes she creates also nice bows which  cute prints (I have one also and I will show it to you in a new post), she loves vintage fashion, hats, cats, and her boyfriend :) Also you can find her here:

I've made this drawings of them which they will travel until their doors (hopefully)

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