Monday, December 12, 2011

A day at the castle

This weekend I had an amazing fun time with my friend Iva at the Pernstejn castle near Brno, at 38 km far away. It is a marble castle because of marble like stone used to frame the doors and windows. It's alsow a medieval castle from the 13 centuries.
First on our way we stoped to have a coffe and some sweets on a little cute candy shop with realy nice decorations, as you can see above.

We got in to the garden castle and we had luck beacuse the weather was good to us (sunny day). It was quite a pitty beacuse we couldn't visit inside the castle but we had fun on the fair. It was a christmas fair most for childrens but of course for big childrens like us too:)

This is a book where inside you can find all the tipe of dresses for dress up this young lady and some needles and colored thread to design your own dress. Pretty creative for young lady ,right?

Old doll houses with everything inside it! I think they were a fortune!

Me and Iva and her friend made christmas cookies with sorts of figurine

And my masterpiece:)) Of course...a horse, which actually I ate!:)

Iva's masterpiece! A cute bell, whitch ,yes, she ate it also

And 2 nice rooms for chids in the back old times!
So, I had a really cool time at the castle with Iva and her friends, we drunk some punch, saw a theatre (but unfortunately in czech), made Christams decorations (it was a workshop for kids but I felt I should do it, I am a kid also, right?) and a lot of joy!!

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