Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sunday in Vienna

You start your sunday at 4:30, travel with car to Vienna, you got there?good! what should you do? Drink a special christams Starbucks coffe with ginger's delicious, i tell you:)

Finished the coffe? ok, so let's go to the beautiful St. Stephen church and light a candle.

Next stop: The cute pink store full of sweets , candies and cupcakes. The result: You will want all the store!

Passing throw the center you can not be amazed buy this sweets figurines, isn't this house look like the one from Hanel and Gretel?

On the way you will se for sure the most old, chic and expensive candy shop from Vienna; they have all the tipes of gifts for all the tipes of candy freaks (but you have to pay good money for that)

Couldn't resist: I have to show you the 2012 calendar with Audrey Hepburn!!

Pass the center with a carriage pulled buy the most beautiful horses from Vienna Spanish Riding School and then get to the one of the most beautiful Christmas Fair:

Smash your teeths with some yummy sugar apples and with gingerbread, or maybe buy them as presents:)

Enjoy the Christmas fair and delight yourself with some amazing art suvenirs, Christmas presents and a lot of sugar!!!
You will feel in one day like in hundreds of years of fairytale stories if you will go in this period in Vienna!


modniza said...

iubesc Viena din tot sufletul meu! such a fabulous week-end! xx

Murmu said...

Hei modniza! ma bucur ca ti-au placut pozele mele! intr-adevar Viena este de vis acuma, totul miroase a scortisoara si vin fiert, forfota, decoratiuni, nebunie! este superb!

Patricia said...

un post foarte frumos, intr-adevar Viena e un loc magic in special iarna, de sarbatori. Superbe poze!

Sarbatori fericite!


Murmu said...

Iti multumesc din suflet draga Patricia ptr aprecieri! Sarbatori fericite si tie! pup!