Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday cards part III

Hey to all! Here is another series of holiday cards made for special people. The first one is with a cute santa bird with the text in czech (Happy holidays): yellow paper with wood print drawing in acrilics and black ink, saten ribbon

The second one is for my friend Iva, I knew that she likes dogs (actually she has two). Pink paper with little white hearts, drawing with acrilics, black ink

And the 3th one is from my friend Michal who has a very cute dog (romanian one:)) name Tesa and I've tried to draw her on this card!
Light green paper with red dots, drawing in acrilics, black ink, saten ribbon


Svetlana said...

hey, i like it!!!;))

Murmu said...

I am so happy to hear tha from you, Svetlana