Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Today I wish for...piano

Oh the piano!! What a great instrument!! I can die listening playing...I always wanted to play at piano but never got the occasion the learn it. I was asking people where I can find a nice teacher and a cheaper one and actually i had one ocassion to learn it from a nice old woman but I was on my holidays and I didn't had to much time for learning and for knowing how to play at piano it takes more then 2 weeks so I gave up..Sad Sad!!But I never give up tring and I will always think that one day I will have to have time, teacher, everything to start learning play at this magnific instrument: The Piano!

P.S: here is my new banner!! what do you thinks? Like it?? You actually can see on the top:P



Rox said...

I love pianos! I actually have a very old one (over 100 years old) at home, and aside some of it's strings being out of duty ;-), it's melodies are amazing, and the echo too!... :-)

Murmu said...

Ohhh Rox!! you are so lucky!! so can you play at the piano?

Anca said...

There really is something magical about pianos. right?

the new polka dotted banner is sooo cute!

Murmu said...

Ohh yes Anca , is something magical on piano, everytime when I hear a song on piano I go gigle gigle:)) and my heart vibrate!
I am so happy that you like my new banner! hanks dear!:*

Rox said...

I know how to play some songs, but my brother & mother are experts in this domain :-)

Murmu said...

Ahhh if I was in Oradea for sure I will come at your house to teach me how to play..even uninvited!:))))