Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Holiday cards and a wood frame

Like you know everybody is in the "Christmas fever" so I've decided to be in the wave:)) so I've plan for 1 week I guess to start make some Christmas cards. I've searched some pretty stuf for creation the cards but I couldn't find it what I need so I've kinda "tuned" this cards. Well, to realise that I can go shopping only after I finish work and that's after 5 when all the stores here are closed and in weekend when I always get to late for stores (they closed at 12-14)...not so good for me, but I didn't gave up of the ideea of making them so here they are.

First one is a pink polka card with a cute mouse preparing some good hot chocolate, and second one is with 3 yumy cupcakes!
I've used color paper on A4, white paper burned:)) realy, acrilics, colored pencils, and saten ribbon

Then I've got inspired by a cute articole from Atelierul magazine and made a "bio" frame from branches that I've picked them from the campus:) and string..oh yes and a picture with me and my boyfriend:)

The sweet chaos after work!! it is always like that no matter how "hard" I work! messy me:)



Svetlana said...

well well well...iata si un pic de carft! super tare! love it :)

Murmu said...

Hello Svetlana! da..prima mea incercare in aceasta 'zona'..nu a iesit exact cum mi-am dorit eu insa merge si asa..from a profesional like you, i appreciate it! thank you so much!

Anca said...

Cute, cute, cute cards!
Huge cupcake fan right here..
Messy equals creativity, right?

Murmu said...

Hehehe!Indeed Anca, but most of the time I get so angry cause I have to clean after and you know how it is after...no mood for cleaning:)). I am happy that you like my cupcake cards!:*