Sunday, November 6, 2011

A favorite art photographer: Jan Saudek

Today I am going to present you one of my favorite art photographer, Jan Saudek, a czech famous photograph that captures important emotions and moments in life. His art is inspired by dream worlds, tableaux works, childhood, religious motives, political symbols of corruption.
His life was controversial, he worked in a cellar to avoid the attention of the secret police, but in 1983 he published his first book of his work but in english words, and he finally becomes a freelance photographer as the Czech communist authorities allowed him to cease working in the print shop, and gave him permission to apply for a permit to work as an artist.
But you can finde more of his work here:


Silvia said...

uaaa!super tare tipu'

Murmu said...

indeed he is! i can say that i am happy cause i had visit his photo gallery here in Czech! Yaaayy!

Cristina B said...

We have visit this exibition one year ago and I really liked this picture . On computer screen doesn't transmit the whole emotion that you feel when see it on big size plain paper, but is purely amazing.

Also this one is nice


Murmu said...

Hello Cristina! yes u are so right but it¨s the least i can do! for me it was amazing too when i¨ve seend the exibition in Brno! where have you seen it?