Friday, November 4, 2011

DIY-Braided wreath hair

Because I had many suggestions of making a tutorial of this kind of hairstyle (I like to wear my hair like that and most of the girl wish to make it too) today I've decided that is the moment. I have to tell you, it was really hard to make this wreath braided hair and to make myself pictures, but with patient I did it!! Yeyy!! So, this is not so difficult to make it (even I know that it looks like it is) and I hope that you understand something from my pictures.

Let's start ,shall we?

First, take your hair on a left part or right (is up to you), it will look better like this, and the wreath will be more "out", let's say like that!

From that side take 3 strands of hair just from the middle of that part of the head (in my case , left) and start make regular braided hair (the most simple one), make 1/4 of the strand

Like in the picture below lift the braided strand up, and know from the 3 strand that you have in the braid make 2 (so unite two and let one).

And now, take the near strand and make a normal braided hair from this new strand and with the other that you already have it in your other hand. Make two "rounds" of normal braid hair, and then do the same like the first strand ( from 3 make 2; unite two and let one).

Repeat this since you got to the end of the oposite part of your hair, and when you see that you got a nice braided wreath hair. For sure it wouldn't happen to be everything ok from the first time but you have to practice, and then you will realise that is a pice of cake:)

After that you can do whatever do you want, like gather your hair in a one side tail;

Or one side hair bun!! It's up to you!

I hope that I was helpfull for you and if you have any questions don't hesitate to put a comment or leave me an email!!

Stay beautiful, Murmu


a dreamer. said...

hihi, thank you for sharing!
i love all types of braided hair but i always seem to lack time or mood, enough to make my hair look prettier.

so you have really big patience, young lady! :)

Murmu said...

Hei dreamer girl:)! for me it was the same with the mood but it start practice until I had some good results! indeed you have to have patience but since you got how to do it it will be simple, trust me!;)