Tuesday, February 7, 2012

TAD day 6+7= Prague Trip

Day 7

Hi! Long time no see right? Well that's because I had a petty nice trip in Prague, actually I combined travel with work!:) So I've skiped the TAD 5 (yesterday) cause I didn't had Internet and I was kinda busy!
In day 6 I will show you some pictures that I've made in the center of Prague! I couldn't do more 'cause I was freezed to death and It's not so pleasant to do photos on -10 plus I was alone so not so fun but still Prague it's charming as I know it, most when is a sunshine day (but freezing) and I bought some presents for my friends, family.
Cute right?:)

Day 6:

In day 5 you can see pictures from a big exotic animals fair from Prague. This is the biggest exotic animal fair from Czech Republic. If you are a fan of this I am sure that you will enjoy it so much! You can see most of the reptiles species, turtles, lizards, insects, butterflies and of course cute little rodents like the ones from the pictures! (Blogger doesn't want to save the pictures with butterflies and tarantulas in normal format, I don;t know way! Hrrrr!)

Hope you enjoy the picture!
Kiss, Murmu

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