Wednesday, February 8, 2012

My drawing pimped in a post card

Today I will show you a project that I made in collaboration with a friend of mine Ramon who wanted to do this card for his friend. He asked me to draw a girl who looks like his friend and he can make the card and print it, so I did, I draw the girl, send him the picture he made the collage with some special program:) print the card and there you go, The Card:)

P.S: this day with the help of sweet Dreamer will make a new face of my blog I am so excited!:)


Svetlana said...

wow, this is so special! a new way of cardmaking)) great idea!
thanks for sharing!

Murmu said...

Hei Svetlana! I am happy that you like it and give you ideas, i will be glad to see one on your blog! and thanks for watching my blog dear! kisses

Erika said...

Absolutely stunning, really! Words cannot say how much I love this illustration of yours :)

Murmu said...

Erika now you made me blush! I am super happy that you like it so much!:D