Thursday, June 9, 2011

In my secret life..

With this post i want you to welcome in my little world!! This pictures are from my new place in Sibiu where i've tried to decorate with not so many stuff cause i couldn't take them all from one bye one, piece by piece i've built a small cousy place where i can chill with my dog and wait for the ideas to come and create.
Many of my stuff where collected over the time from different places and countries, gifts and of course my works.

It's nice to come from the job and find a relaxing place. Still it's not what i've dream at but i am happy with this one to. When i will have my own house i will decorate all the walls, paint them and of course it will be full of dogs:))


a dreamer. said...

aww, but they are sweet!
it's all so nice! and you also have a puppy!
in time and with money from your job you'll gather enough pretty things to shape your dream room/house.
i hope for that too.

ps: your brooches are adorable! i already have a crush on 5 of them ♥.

Murmu said...

Thank you so much for your beautiful means a lot for me..i love your blog too and your beautiful picture. If you want a brooch or even 5:D you can email me anytime..i will be verry happy...or if you have something in minde maybe i can make it real in a brooch;) Kiss