Sunday, March 13, 2011


Like it says in the post: WISH!!!! Yes i have a big crush now on the tea sets with all the lovelly prints!! Last week i went to the flea market (Daria knows it:P) and tried to find one of this, actually a tea cup or a tea set with polka dots!! But it was unsuccessfully!! But at least i got a beautiful cookie jar with an french clown. I will show it to you in to another post!!
So since then i am dreaming all day long on a beautiful tea set print!!
So here they are one of my favorite:
The cat print:just beautiful and cute!!

The polka dot print!! i have a crush on this print!! i want them everywhere: on the cups, in the kitchen, on my dresses, on my accessories...everywhere!! let it be dots!!!

The beautiful print with ladybugs!! It's just adorable!! You want so bad to go in the park or anywhere is full of grean and sun, take all your friends and have a nice tea party with this beautiful sets

Maybe i will try to make myself an tea set print: buy some simple white tea set and decorate it with nice printed tissue...yup!! that's my next plan!! Until then maybe you have some advice for me where to find this adorable tea sets (or similar)!!

Enjoy the spring, Murmu


Anonymous said...

this is exactly what I was about to suggest: paint one for yourself! there are ceramic colors that you can surely use.

anywayz, they're lovely and totally lovely :)

Murmu said...

I know!! thanks Daria!! that's my next plan for next week!!yupiii!!:*