Saturday, March 19, 2011

For the beagles freacks!Like me!!

Well yes, i have to admit: i am a beagle lover freack since i have my crazy little beagle:Hera!! I want them everywhere: like jewellery, decoration, paintings, bags, clothes!! So i found thouse beauty on Etsy. There are so many things there with beagles but it's a pitty beacause in Romania i couldn't find nothing!!! Well if you want to make me a present or a surprise here they are...some advices:P:PHehehe!!!

Some beagle jewellery: a pendant, a ring, and a neklace!!! Cute!! Want it so bad!!

Even if i already made myself a beagle bag this one is really cool. It's a printed bag!!

Another decoration: a beagle frame. This is just perfect for a picture with Hera!!Beagles here beahles there beagles everywhere!!:))

Big wish!!! Beagle watch with paws and ball and bones!! even Hera will like to wear:))

Some decoration: a clock with paws and beagle!! Lovelly

Adorable pillows wih..of course Beagle!! This Sherlock Holmes pillows is my favorite!!even if i am not sleeping it makes me hold it on and on!! cutteee!!

This one is really cool!! I wish this paint of Van Gogh:)))!! beagle Starry Night!!;)

So any other beagle lover freack in the house?:))) Cause i am for sure and i want all of thouse beauty so bad!!!


Anonymous said...

the bag is so awwweeesome! and all of them are cute :D

Murmu said...

Yes my dear!! I know!! And i know that you love beagles this one is for you too!:D:D