Sunday, November 18, 2012

Birman cat drawing and a new member in the house

Hei everyone, long time no see right? Well for now I am back with a new work made in watercolor and ink "Birman Cat" on A5 paper. I can say that this work is the starter of the new series of illustrations. So, more to come ;)

For a long time I wanted to present you our new member of the house, so this is Lili, a cute young female dog which I adopted from the shelter from where I work. From the firt day that I've saw her I just knew that she will be with me forever, it was love at first sight:)). I can say that Hera is the happiest because she have now a sister which she can play non stop.


raluca marie wolfski said...

deary, all i can say is ♥ !
i'm really happy for your guys, you look really nice together.

Erika said...

Welcome back to the blogging world honey :) First when you said new member of the family, I honestly thought it was a cat :) And my second thought was, wow, Hera can stand a cat in the same room as her? :) LOl

You watercolor drawing is amazing, and Lili is really sweet! I know she is now in good hands, the best, I could say. More love than what she gets from you she could hardly receive anywhere else :)

Hugs to all of you! :)

Murmu said...

Thanks you girls, indeed Hera and Lili are realy happy and Erika don't be so shocked about Hera with cats, she actually i kind of scared of them, I had cats 3 times in my home one week each so she is super ok with them...This I can not say about Lili :)))

Vladimir Gurzhev said...

Nice to meet Birman cat fans here. I live with 2 male Birmans and love them:)