Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend passing by

So this is how I passed my weekend, let's start it from Friday:

Receiving pretty brooches from felt with my baby Hera and a cute heart made by sweet Cecilia from Vixyblu. The package was so lovely that I was afraid to open it , only not to ruing the hard work that she made.

Saturday morning: decide to be a hippie:)
Saturday afternoon: going on a trip to one of the biggest flea market, to Negreni, where I saw so many beautiful antique stuff but unfortunately I couldn't afford to buy something like that, only to admire them. The polka dots tea set was one of my favorite, it is still in my mind but maybe I can make it one for myself in the future;)
Sunday: cleaning while the dog is having the "siesta" thru the baldachin:)

What about you? How did you pass the weekend?

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Vixyblu said...

I'm glad you like it, and i wish you to have beautiful days with Hera wherever you will be.
The Hippie style works for you dear... :)
And my weekend was interesting with a trip to Horezu where i made many pictures. (you can see them on my blog)!