Friday, May 4, 2012

Inside my crib with a pleasant surprise

Finally I manage to almost finish moving and decorating the new apartment from Cluj where I live with my boyfriend and my baby Hera; it's not to much but for sure it's warm and cozy. 
What excites me the most is my lovely baldachin which i bought it from Ikea , I was so anxious to hang it over the bad but only now we had the opportunity to do it ( machines, hook, etc).
In my free time I decorate my walls with some drawing of mine and with one of my favorite drawing made by one of my friend which I receive it from him. Lovely.
Oh yes....and you can see Hera also in the picture a little bit lazy and fatty, she is not one of my decorative pieces from the house but sometimes (when she sleeps upside up) I have the feeling like she is:))

Yesterday the mail man mad me so happy, I receive a beautiful package from one of the sweeties girl from "handmade land", Anca (Bo3mia) with a delicious Kindle case made by her hands. I think everybody which had the opportunity to receive something from Anca know how beautiful she packs the handmade goodies, it makes you not to open it only for the sake of not to ruin her work. Everything was so adorable, the case the roses earrings and her new business card. Thank you so much Anca for his lovely package


Svetlana said...

wow!!!a baldachin, my dream forever!
ur bedroom looks so romantic and delicate!
congrats with ur sweet presents! lucky u!

Murmu said...

Thanks Svetlana, i have more to decorate it but this means money and time...which i don;t have it now:))

Carmen Tobias said...

Ce bine arata baldachinul, abia astept sa vina sotul in tara si sa mergem sa terminam renovarile, sa il montez. E tot ikea, tot alb, dar cumparat de la sh, un chilipir :) Il ador :)

Ah, ce minunatii ai primit de la Anca! Ai dreptate, le impacheteaza ataaat de frumos...

Bo3mia said...

Oh my, that baldachin of yours is so pretty!
And love your wall-art too!
I believe in taking your time when decorating a home, this way you get to make the best choices and always get that lovely feeling of making a change in your home!

I'm so happy you liked the little somethings from me!

daria said...

so pretty! and the cover from anca is just adorable!