Thursday, February 2, 2012

TAD-Day 2: Felt collar necklace

Hello boys and girls! This is the second day of Thing-a-day and for this day I've prepared a cute Peter pan collar necklace made from red and white felt with pearl beads, a pink crochet flower in the center and satin ribbon.
For a long time I wanted to to this type of collard because I am crazy about Peter Pan collars so why shouldn't I try it for my own right?

So what do you think?
P.S: you can check it out on TAD link:


a dreamer. said...

you were right!
i can my blonde locks with this so so so pretty collar, right away!
congratulations, keep making cutsy things, drag me in ;)).

oh, and you know what? the bord would be so so nice with powder/pale pink or mint!
i have such a huge crush on these pastel colors!

Murmu said...

Hehehehe! i knew that you will like it! I am so happy to hear that!;)) and totally it will fit you so good!":D
Oh and I love you ideea with the bord..I will write you an email with all the details this days! kiss