Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Day 17+18: Moustache brooch and photo collage

I’ve prepared a cute brooch on light pink colour with ice blue hearts and black lace. The brooch is made from ceramic and it can’t wait to fit on some pretty lady dress,/blouse/shirt:)
How about you?Do you like this new fancy ” accessory: The moustache?

In another day I did a photo collage with me and Hera for my boyfriend as a gift! I hope he will lake it. It’s quite easy to do it, use a colour board, a photo that u want to have it, some lace, and some cute printed paper, I’ve used it with dots (i am crazy about dots) and there you go!:)

1 comment:

a dreamer. said...

♥, for both of them.
especially the collar. you know i have a thingie :)