Sunday, January 8, 2012

Meet my new friend: Caroline

Today I am going to present my new friend, Caroline! You will discover her story buy my brooches, so that means I have a new collection of brooches with the title, of course, Caroline. She is a part of me, a girl that always want to stay a child , to be pure, who is always in the mood for playing and for laughing. Plus, I will try to give her different outfits to , so, i can create throw her my wish outfits, but you will always find on her the cute french basque, dress and a cardigan It's a deal!:)

For today I will show you only a sneak peack on the 4 brooches that I made and from tomorrow I will present you one buy one and tell you the story of Caroline throw them!
I hope you will going to like her and maybe you can be friends with her too. She loves to play with her friends!

Kiss, Murmu & Caroline


a dreamer. said...

well i would be delighted to be her dreamy friend !

Murmu said...

She will be very happy to have you as her dream friend! Kisses from bouth of us:P

Rox said...

lovely! :-)

Murmu said...

Thank you Rox!Greeting from Caroline:P