Sunday, January 22, 2012

Love in Prague

Yesterday I was in the mood for painting, actually for oil painting but I've realise that I don't have the black "colour" with me, so I had to work with other materials like acrylics and ink, which I did.
For long time ago I was thinking to do a work about Prague, beacuse this city inspire me so much and every part of the city has an art story, so I've decided to do this painting. It's a reproduction from Yuri Shevchuk, a great painter from Ukraine who lived for a long time in Prague. You can see throw his works many paintings with Prague and jazz musicians.

Painting with acylics and black ink on A4 paper.


Erika said...

Wonderful! your heart is in this, I can tell! :)

Murmu said...

:">Thank you so much Erika!I think my heart actually belongs to Prague:) I love this city so much, and like I've said, every place inside it, is an art story!<3

Anca said...

This so, so, so lovely!
I really love it and I am more and more determinate to visit Prague asap :)

Murmu said...

hehehe! glad you like it Ancä! like i've told you, you should come when I will be here..that means until 1 april. what do u say?:) it's a deal?:)