Friday, October 14, 2011

New begining: Czech Republic!

I didn't had time to writte about my arrival in Czech Republic but now seems to be the perfect time, so: I got a scholarship from the government of Romania to study in Brno (which is the second city from Czech republic) at the University of Veterinary and Pharmaceutical Sciences and I am really happy now cause I can work on what I've desired and with beautiful people. The city is amazing, it has some medieval, gothic style , not so crowded, always you can see cultural events and the best thing that I love the moste is that most of the people has a pet (most of them are dogs, yeyyy) a bike and looks like they are always ready to go on a mountains trip, so sporty and relaxed!!

I will go this day to have more photos to convince you that Brno is a beautiful city which deserves to pe visit. Until then : Kiss and have a great day, cause I will have it for sure!!:)


a dreamer. said...

you're so close to Prague. i really miss it even if i only was a couple of hours into town. and i also crossed by train through Brno and indeed it must be as beautiful as Prague!
oh, the love!

hope you have a wonderful time there.
and make a lot of pretty pictures!

Murmu said...

Hey dear! Yes indeed Prague is verry beautiful, actually is my favorite city from all the citys that I've seen and I can wait to go again...Brno is very near from Prague and from Viena too. Hope I will have time to make some great pictures. By the way I will put your blog on my list cause it's reallz awsome! kiss kiss