Monday, October 3, 2011

Birthday presents!!

And it pasted another year from my life, i am getting older now but I am still felling like a kid, thank God:))
Saturday I was at Cluj with the part of my friends having some beer, chating (most of them I didn't saw them for months) tequila music and of course...presents!!! Ieii!!
Sweer Daria gave me a beautifull pinkish bow, vintage Ruxandra gave me a....vintage of course, necklace, from my sister i got a cute handmade lace necklace and a cute bird brooch.

Look at this caricature...funny ha? I found it now when I was trying to make some baggage for my departure in Czech's from Paris two years ago when I had a beautifull trip with my sister and my boyfriend..I have to frame it!!!

And from my veterinary friends I've got a very cool vet costume, I really need it one!!! Oh yes..and a bottle of the picture is emty cause we drank it all!Muahahhaha!!
Thank you guys for all the gifts and for all the wishess!! It was really cool saturday of 2 Oct!!!

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The Sister said...

ahaha ce tare e caricatura.. ce fete de sconcsi aveti :)) cat despre cadorui.. claaaaaaar ale mele is cele mai tari!